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Huw tn Check

Because the; upenttiuin can be it little difficult. you may L‘lltluh‘t lu ltu't't: this dune at your Buick dealer Service Department.

”you do it yourself. be sure In fellow till the ittatruetititts here. tir yttu etiuld get u l‘ulse reading IEIII

the dipstick.


Ttm much ur' ltttt little fluid can damage yuut‘ lmnsuxle. 'l‘uu much can ntean that mute oi“ the

fluid could come out and fall on hot engine parts [If exhaust system parts, 5h] rting at Fire. Ht? sure It! get an neeurate reading ifyuu cheek yuur transaxle fluid.

Wait at Iettst 30 minutes before checking the ti'ansaxle lluid level il‘yttu have been driving:

I When outside temperatures are ahnve 90"F (32 ”Cr. 0 At high speed iltrquile :1 while.

'- In heavy truffle -- especially in tint weather.

0 While pulling it trailer.

Tn get the right reading. the fluid shttuld he at nnt‘n‘tul operating temperature. which is. IBDDF to “200° F th'E'T' ILt 93”{_':I.

Ifilet the vehicle warmed up by driving arr-nut I5 miles-t :24 l-tntt 1when outside temperatures tire uhm-‘e 513°]:

(ItinL'II. ll' it‘s colder thtut 50°F [ lU‘Cl. yuu may have m driu't: longer.

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