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Checking [Engine I 1i]

Pull am the dipstick and ctczm it mm .1 papa Luqu 1}: ulnlh. Ihcn push it back in uH the way. Remm'e it again. keeping the lip down. and check the lcvcl.

When In Add nil

If the nil is ul nr below the ADD mark then you‘ll need to add 5mm: nil. But you mum us: in: right

Kind. This pun Expluim what kind ul' nil in um: Fur

_ _ crankcase cupzlciw. nee "Cup-(mince and Speulfiml'lnm” 3.3L L313 (Curl: K] Englnu in lhe Index.


Dun”! add too much nii. [f ynur engine has so much nil that the nil level gets above the cruss-halched are-a Ihul sham.- the limp-El” “pa-ruling range. your engine muld bl: damaged.

Turn ur't' the engine and gin: [he nil 2U minutes In drain hunk :inlu lllc ui] pun. El'yuu dnn'1.1heni1dipuliuk might nnt xhuu' me actual Inw'nl.

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