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Air Bag Readiness Lighi

Then: is an air hug readincsfi light an the iithIument panel. which .x'i'tnwrt MR BAG. The syritcm clierkh' the air lmg‘s electrical system int mail'uncliunfi. The light tells you. if there iii tin electrical pmhict11.Tlic syhlttni check includes the illl' hag sensors. the air hug nimlulcs.

ll'lu: wiring and lite CI'ILF-il'l sewing and diagnostic Iiiudule.

Fer mute ini't'irniatiuti en the air bag Hyatt-m. HCL‘ "Air Bug" in the index.

Ynu will see tl'i'tit light I'itislt i'nr El few WCtll'ldH when ynu turn yt‘tUl‘ ignition to RUN nT START. Then the light ,4, should go nut. This hitting

the h'j'hlt'n'l is handy.


If the air hug readiness light doesn't mine can when yum Hlut‘l ynur vehicle. ur Slid'j'h' on. or camera tin when ynu

ere driving, yuur uir hug hyl-illJ-m the? hut Wink properly.

Have your vehicle serviced righl away.

Charging System Light

The charging system light will emit.- mi hriefly when yum ttim run the lgnilinn. as u check In Show j-‘LiLI it‘s wetting. Then it should go tiul.


Il'il stings. tin. EJI’ L'UITIL‘EH tin while ytiu Ltre driving. :t'tiu may hawt- 'sl prehiem with the cliiirging syfilcrn. It could indicate 1|].ill ytie have :1 [time drive belt 01' number eleclricul pmhlem. Hui-i: it checked right away. Driving while this light is U“ cnttld drain j-‘uur hailery.

li'yuu must drive :i shun «finance with the light (in. hr: cemtin to turn ul'l'itll ymn' uccmsmies. such as Ihe radii-r and air can ditinncr.


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