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Speedumeter and Odometer

Your speedometer leis mu t:ee your npeerl in hnih miles FL'T huur [mph] and kilmllctflrfi per hour lkrm'h]. Your ndnmeler shim-s. haw lair ynur vehicle hm been driven in either miles [used in 1hr: United Slime“ nr in kiluniewrs [used in Canada}.

Yrmr Buick has. H. tamper-reprislunl rJdunlciL'r. El'ynu see Silver lines he'rwcen the numberx. you‘ll knnw Humeunc has prnhahly tampered w'uh it and rhc numbers mu}- not be accurate.

You may wnnder what happens; ii'yuur vehicle needs-i a m: Iv.- nrlnmetcr installed. If the new one can he WI tn the mileage: luLuI Lil—1h: UILl Udul'neler. flicn lhn'l will he dune. But if it can't. than it will he Her :31 zero and u lrlhel must he put on the driver‘s dear to. Show the old mtlcugc reading when Ihe new HEIHI'HL‘ILETWUH ins1a|led.

Tri p (Hrimeler

‘I’uur lrlp (Jdurneter tellx huw Iiir you have driven xinue yuu illh'l react J'I. Tu sel 11 In Hem, press; [he huttnn 1311 [he n'ghl side M the inxlrumcnl cluuter.


the engine speed In

per mi nulr: [ITJ rm.

The luclmmeler display}:

LhDLISandR of n: mlutions.

Du I'ltli. ripe rate ll'le engine with lhe luchumeler in the red area. or engine damage may {it-cur.

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