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VIE-[Ir Vanity Mirrors

Open uh: L‘nvcr [g 35.1mm the vault}- Jilirmi'.

If your which: has lJJL'. uptiunzll lighted runny lllirl'ul'h. 11m huuph mime nn when yuu upcn the carer.

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If your vehicle hurt :1 critter console. you hut-I: u ]2-'-'th GIJHL‘L ll :5 un the palm: ngur mic. near the flflfir- UPI-‘11 Ihe cover to use Ll'lL' nuLlL‘l.

Adding some electrical equipment tn ynur vehicle ran Ila-magi- it at keep other thing; from working as they should. This filiuldn‘t but: covered by yuur warranty. Check with your dealer hefun: adding Electrical equipment and. never use anything requiring more than Ill amps.

———————_————- 2—.“

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