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Ashtrays and Lighter

The center front ashtray may be on the instrument panel or no the commie. To remove either usho'ay. open the lid

and lil't out mt ashtray. Don‘t hold a cigarette lighter in with your hand

while it is heating. If you do. it won't be able to hack away {mm the heating element when it‘s ready. That can make it overheat. damaging the lighter and the heating element.

To resume the rear ashtray. upon. t1. push down m1 [he Hauli'er and pull out the ashtray.


Don‘t put papers and other things that born into your ashtrays. "you do. cigarettes or other smoking materials could Rel them on fire. causing damage.

Sun Visors:

To block out glare. you can swing down the via-amt. You can also mow: them from aide. to side. The visor: also have extentlene that you eztn pull out for added coverage.

To use the lighter. jLn-cl push it in all the way and let gt). When it's ready. it wiil pop back by itself.

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