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Cmnenienee Net tflptionl

Your VL‘l‘tlL‘h‘: me},- have :1 convenience net. You‘ll see it on [he back wall {If the trunk. Put smart IUtttIh. like gI‘t'IEL‘l'y hugs-C. behind the net. It can

help keep them J‘rurn falling met" during sharp turn}; or quick starts. and SIUPH.

The net ihn't l'tJ-r larger. heavier wads. Stun: those in the trunk as; far Enrward as yuu can.

Yuu can unhunk the met an that it will lie flat when you're not using it.

Luggage Carrier {tlptiunj

Ifyou have the uptinnul luggage earrler, you can load 1hinge en die deck lid nfyuur vehicle. The luggage carrier has slats attached tn lite deck lid. 3 rear rat! and tieduwns.

Loading eat-gnu that weighs man: than it] lbs.

t2} kg! an the luggage carrier ma}r damage your vehicle. When you carry large things, never let them hang over the rear or the sides at year vehicle. Load your eargn til) that it rests an the slab; and dues not scratch or damage the vehicle. Put the cargo against the rear rail and fasten it sceu rely It: the luggage carrier.

Don't exceed the maximum vehicle capacity when loading, your Buick. I‘m mere Information on vehiClc capacity and loading. 5m: ”Leading Ynur Vehicle" in the Index.

Tn prevent damage m" [use ul' cargo. slop driving new and then anrl ma ke tau re the luggage carrier and cztrge are still .wcurcl}r fastened.

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