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4. Aflfi' you‘ve used the euolum healer. he sure Eu .‘illm: PARK IlP]: This Iu-ullh' your from wheulh'. ll'h' me heal: the L'UTILi m; it W1»: before to keep it away from moving posillon to use when you xrart your engine heeauxe your engine perm If" you don‘t. it could hr: darnagmi. vehicle can't move easily.

110 w long should you keep Ihe coolant heater plugged 1n'.'T|u: ans-Wm depends on the outside temperature. the kind of all you have. and some other things. Instead of lrying 1:: Iial everything here. we lizii'l lhul you contact

your Buick dealer in the area where you'll be parking It is dangerous to get out of your vehicle if the your vehicle. The dealer can give you The beer advice for shift Iever is not fully in PARK IP} with file that I'lflll'lllJulflI area. parking hralu: firmly.r zit-l. Your Vehicle can roll. Automatic Trangaxje Operation Don't leave your vehicle when the engine is

running unless you have to. Il'yuu have lel‘l [he

engine ruaning. the vehicle ean move suddenly. You or others could be injured. To be sure your vehicle won't move. even when you're on fairly level gruu ml. always set your parking brake and move the shift lever to PARK (P).

See "Shifting Into PARK my“ in the Index. If you're pulling a trailer. see “Th-wing :1 Trailer" in

Your automatic Traneaxle has fl shill lever located on the the Index. steering column.

There are several differenl poailions for your shill lever.

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