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If you accidental! y use a key mat has a damaged or missing resistor pellet. the starter won't work and the SECURETY light will flash. But you don’t have to wait three minutes before trying another ignition key.

See your Buick dealer or a locksmith who can son.1 in: the PA SS—Key H to have a new key made.

If you're ever driving and Ille SECURITY light comes on and stays on. you will be able to restart your engine if you turn it off. Your PASS-Key [1 system. howeuen is not working properly and must be serviced by your Buick dealer. Your Vehicle is not protected by the PASS—Key i] system.

if you lose or damage a PASS-Key Il ignition key1 see your Buick dealer or a locksmith who can senior: PASS -Key II to have :1 new key made.

New Vehicle “Break-1n”

Your modern Buick doesn’t need an elaborate

“break-in." But it will perform better in the long nln. if you follow these guidelines:

0 Don’t drive at any one speed .. rust or slow -- for the first Still miles [3114 km]. Don‘t make full-throttle starts.

I Avoid making hard stops for the first 200 miles (322 km] or so. During this time your new brake linings aren't yet broken in. Hard stops with new linings can mean premature wear and earlier replacement. Follow this breaking-in guideline every time you get new brake llnings.

0 Don‘t tow a trailer during break-in. See

HTouring a Trailer" in the Index l‘ur more


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