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If a door or the trunk is opened without the key or the

Remote Keyless Entry transmitter. the alarm will go off.

It will also go off if the trunk [oeit is damaged. Your vehicle's lamps will flash and the horn will sound for

several minutes, then will turn off to save battery power.

Remember. the theftvdeterrent system won't activate it' you lock the doors with a key or manual door look. It activates only if you use a power door lock switch or Remote Keyless Entry transmitter. You should also remember that you can start your vehicle with the correct ignition key if the alarm has been set off. You must still shut off the alarm by inserting the key in [he door look.

Here‘s how to avoid setting off the alarm by accident:

. if you don't want to activate the melt—deterrent

system. the vehicle should he locked rifler the doors are closed.

I Always unlocl< a door with a key. or use the Remote Keyiess Entry transmitter. Unlocking a door any other way will set off the alarm.

If you set off the alamt lty aeeittent. unlock any door with your key.

You can also turn off the alarm by using the Remote Keyless Entry transmitter. it' you have it. The atann won't stop if you try to unlock a door any other way.

How to Test the Alarm

The alarm can be tested by first having the driver's window down. Activate the system by looking the doors with Lite power door loels switch or the Remote Keyless Entry transmitter. Get out of the ear. close the

door and wait for the SECURITY light to go out. Then reach in through the window. unlock the door with the

manual door lock and open the door. This should set off the alarm.

If the alarm does not sound when it should, check to see if the horn works. The horn fuse may be blown. To

replace the fuse. see "Fuses and Cireuit Breakers“ in the Index.

To reduce the possibility of theft. always activate the thefi-dflerrem system when leaving your vehicle,


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