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Part D: Recommended Fluids and Lubricants

NOTE: Fluids and lubricants identified below by name.

pun numher nr specification rnzty be obtained [rent your GM tiealer.


Engine Oil Engine oil with the Ame riean Petmleurn institute Certified Flor Gasoline Engines “Stadium“ symbol of the prnper 1rim.-teiity. Tn determine the preferred viscosity 1' or your vehicle‘s engine+ :tee “Engine Oil“ in the Index.

Engine Cenlant SWSD mixture of clean water [preferably distilledt and GM Grinewrenchi' DEX—COOL" or Hevtrline'fi' DEX—COOL '"

tnrunge —enloned. silicate -t'ree} antifree in: confirming to GM Speeilicnlien Elfin-r1. See "Engine

Cor-lent" in the index.


Cnuient GM Part No. 363462 I or Supplemenl equivalent with e enrnplete flush Sealer and refill.

Parking Brake Chassis lubricant [GM Part

Cable Guidet-i Nn. “15249? or equivalent: or lubricant meeting requirements of NLEI Grant: 2, Calegrtry LB or CIC- LB.

GM Power Steering Fluid (GM Part Ne. ”152334 i pl... lflfiflfll? 1 qt.. or equivalent}.

Automatic DEX RDN'E'-l II Aetnmntin Trensattie 'l'ransminsinn Fluid.

Key Lock Mum-Fume termini, super-the"? Cylinders {GM P311 Ne. 11ml“ fll' equu' vaient‘].

Fewer Steering System


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