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Maintenance Schedule

Lung 'lrip-‘lliulnrm [iefinitinn

Lung.- 'l'ripsllightu'r'. Intermix

Fnllnunr this maintenance schedule only if none of the conditions from the Short TriptC‘ity Maintenance Schedule is Iruc.

Driving a vehicie with nfnnflv warmed engine under highway :‘wtdflrans‘ (“MEI engine (nilr to break down winner.

Ever}r Tfiflfl Miles [12 5|)“ km}: Engine Oil and Filter Change {or every l2 tnc-nths. whichever occurs first}. Chassis Lubrication {er every 12 months. whichever uccurx first].

AI T500 Miles ([2 Still km} -- Than Ever:

15,110!) Miles [25 {Hill} km]: Tire Retarien.

Every 30,110" Miles {50' DIM Im‘l]: Supercharger Dil Cheek tnr every 3f:- menths. whichever occurs first} [3.31. Code I engine only]. Air Cleaner Filter Replacement. Fuel Tank. Cap and Lines Inspection,

Event 50,000 Miles {33 ill-[l km]: Automatic Transaxle Service {severe conditions unly}.

Every fillalllfllfl Miles {100 [Hill] km]: Engine Aeeessm—y Drive Belt Inspectiun.

Ever} 100,000 Miles {166 Dill] km]: Cooling System Service {or every 60 months. whichever occurs first}. Spark Plug Wire Inspection. Spark Plug Replacement.

Tit-ere t'ntenvtts ant}! .ntmnrart'x maintenance services.

Be sure tuftattnn- the mmptete maintenance sctmtnte an titefaitmving pager.

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