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What to Add

When you do need brake fluid. use only DDT-3 brake Fluid —— such as Del-:0 Supreme 11‘?" {GM Part

No. 1052535}. Use new brake fluid from a sealed container only. and always clean the brake fluid reservoir cap before remuvit'tg it.

With the wrong kind of fluid in your brake

system. rear brakes ma 3: not war]: well. or they may not even work at all. This could cause a crash. Always use the lawyer brake fluid.


I Using the wrong fluid can hadlg,r damage hralte system parts. For example. just a few drops of mineral-based uil. such as engine oil. in your brake system earl damage brake system parts so lzladljnr that the?" have In he replaeed. Don‘t let someone put in the wrong kind of fluid.

I II' yuu spill brake fluid on your lnrnehitde's painted surfaces, the paint finish ean be damaged. Be careful not to spill brake fluid

on your vehicle. If yau do. wash it off

immediately. See ”Appearance (Ia re“ ia thelndex.


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