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What to Lise

Use u mixture of one-halt" New: n'un‘r tpnet'e rubly dislilled} and one—hull‘DEX—CDDL m {orange-colored. siiiente-freej antifreeze thal meets GM Specification fiZTJM. which won't damage aluminum parts. Use

(1M Engine Coolant Supplement {sealer} [GM Part

No. 3fi34fi2] I with any complete coolant change. ll'yoo use this mixture. you don‘t need to and anything else.


When adding coolant it is important that you use DEX-COOL '" [orange-colored, silicate-free) mlant meeting GM Specification 62TH“.

[F siticofm' coolant is added to the system. premature engine, heater core or radiator cormsion may result. In addition. the engine eoola nt will require change owner —- at 311.0% miles {so {Hill km] or 24 months, whichever occurs first.


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