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It‘s the amount ofalcohol that counts. For example. If the name person drank lhrcc double martinis {3 cancer: or 9{} ml of liquor each] within an hour, the person‘s BAC would he clo se to H. [2 percent. ft person who conaurnctt food just before or during drinking 1will have :1 somewhat lower BAC level.

There it: :1 gender difference, too. Women generally have :1 lower relative percentage of hotly water than men.

Since alcohol ltl carried in body water. this meant:r that a woman generally will reach a higher BAC level than a man of her same body weight when each has the some number of drinks.

The law in man}; LLS. states sets the legal limit at a BAC of 0.11} percent. in :1 growing numbcrtthf.S.Ht:1lc:-.arltl Ihmughoot Canada. the limit it: {Lilli percent. In Some other countries. it's even lower. The EAC limit for all commercial drivers in the United States is {HM percent.

The Bat? will be over ILHI percent after three to sit: drinks [in one hour}. Of course. as we‘ve Meet], it depends on how mIJL'h alcohol is. ill the drinks. and how quickly the pemon drinks them.

But the ability to drive it: affected 1.Itell below :1 HM“. of U. [H percent. Research shows that the driving skills of many people are impaired at a BAC approaching

tlflfi percent. and that the effects are wonte at night. NI drivers are impaired til BAC let-ole above 0.115 percent. Statistics show that the chance of being in a collision increases ohm-ply I'or driven: who have :1 BAC of

”.05: percenl or above. A. driver with :1 BAIL" level of “.06 percent has t'lnuhled his or her chance of having :1 collision. At a BAC‘ level oft]. in percent. Ihe chance of this driverhaving :1 collision its [2 times greater: at a level offlJS percent. the chance is. 25 times greater!


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