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Setting L'ruise t'onlrul

If you leave your eruioe control switch on when

you‘re not using eruise, you might hit a button and go into eruise when you don't want to. You could he startled and even lose control. Keep the cruise control switch OFF until you want to use it.

I. Move the cruise control switch to ON.

3. Get up to the speed you want.

3. Push in the SET hutttJ-n al the end of the lever and release It.

n-u-;. u .1--.. -:J F r


IIDLIIEF l'l FE“ - - --.|. .1

4. Take yuur l'u-ut oil the ttccelcrutnr pcdul.


Hesuminu a Set Speed

Suopuse you wt your enlist: L'Ullll‘nl at u. desired speed and then you apply the btelte. This. of CUIU'h-C. shuts off Ihu cruise control. But you don't need to reset it.

Once you're going about

25 mph (40 knu'hl or more.

you curt move "to cruise

control switch from UN to

i went“ WE: RM. [resumey'tteeeletatei for 'u- - ' uhoul hall :1 second.

You'll go right heel: up to your chosen tpeed and stay there. Remetttbet' that if you hold the switch at REA longer than hallo second. the vehicle will keep going I'ustcr unlil you release thc switch or apply [itc- brake. You could he startled and even lttse control. 50 unless you wont to go luster. dun 'I huh] the switch ut RIP...

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