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Part1): Recnmmended Fluids and Lubricants

MUTE: Fluids and lubricants identified bcinw by "amt. part number or apocification may be obtained i'rnrn ynur GM denier.


Engine Oil Engine Oil with tint: Arm: rtcan Petroleum Institute Certified Fur Gasoline Engines "Stttrhuntl" symbol [tithe primer vismsny. To chcnnine the preferred viscusily fnr ynur vehicle's engine. see "Engine Oil" in the Index.

Engine Cuulunl Sflffifl mixture of Willi-1r intuiil'ritbly distilled: and GM Gmdwmquh'i' DEX—COOL ‘“ Ur lln'rniinell DEX—COOL “‘ {orange-colored. silicate—Fret] antifreeze confirming H]- GM Specification fiET'i‘M. Set: “Engine Coolant“ in

the Index.


lefil'il GM Part No. 363462| rn' Supplemuni equivalent with El ctrmplete flush Sealer and refill.

Delcu Suprm'nr: “.5 Brake Fluid {GM Part No. “152535 or equivalent DDT-3 brake fluid}.

Chassis lubricant tGM Pan

Nu. 1115249? or equivalent} or lubricant meeting requirements of NLGI Grade- 2. Category LB or {SE—LB.

G M iner Steering Fluid {GM Part Nn. 1D52884- | pt. lflfiflfll? | qL. or equivalentl.

DexRUN'“'-ttt Aulnrnulit: Transmission Fluid.

Multi-Furpose Lubricant, swarmed?“ {GM Part No. [334624l or muivnlmli.

Hyd rnulin Brake


Parking Brake Cathie Guides

Power Slecring System

Automatic Tran-innit: Key Lock Cylinder r5.

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