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Cleaning the [Jutside of the Windshield and 1Wiper Blades

II' the windshield is not clear ut'terusing the windshield washer. or ii' the wiper blade ehetters when running, wax or other mate rial may he on the binde or windshield.

Clean the outside of the windshield with GM 1iiirtndiihield Cleaner. Eon—Ami Powder” [GM Port No. Itlfilltll l t. The windshield is cleutt if heads.- do not than when you rinse it with Water.

Cleun the hiude by wiping vigorously with :1 cloth "iOflkfld in full-itrengdt windshield washer Whom. Tlien rinse the blade with wine r.

Moor blades should be checked on :1 regular basis.- und replaced when worn.


Silicone grouse on weulhorulrips. will innke them last longer. seal hellcr. and not elicit or squeak. Apply Silicone groan: with is clean cloth ttt least every air. months. During very cold. damp weather more frequent application may be required. (See “Recommended Fluidii and Lubricants" in the [ndeJLl

Cleaning the Dulside of Your Buick

'l‘he paint finish on your vehicle provides beauty. depth of color. gloss retention and durability.

Washing Your Vehicle

The best way to preserve your 1rehtele‘e finish is to keep it clean by washing it often with lukewarm or cold water.

Don't wtwh your vehicle in the direct rays of the till“. Don’t u5e strong soaps or chemical detergents. Use liquid hand, dish or car washing trnild detergent} soaps. Don't use cleaning agents that are petroleum based.

or that contain acid or abrasives. All cleaning agentfi should he ll Lilihed promptly and I'l-Dl allowed to dry on the surface. or they could stein. Dry the Finish with a soft. clean chomois or u will}: cotinn towel to avoid surl'nee iterate-hex and water spotting.

High pressure car washes may euuse water to enter your vehicle.

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