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Cleaning the Inside of Your Buick Using ham-Type l‘leaner an Fabric

Use a vacuum clam-m nfien 1:) get rid of dust and lam-a 1 . Vacuum and law ah the area In H: mam: any lac-B: din. din. Wipe vinyl or leather with :1 clean. damp-:Imh. 3' WWW” clean a whnlu trim panel or section. Mask Your Buick dealer has; lwu GM Claannm. n. wlvunl-Iypc Rurmunding Il'll'l'l along Fl ilE'h nr Wflll “fl-ES.

spol lifter and a Mam-type powdered cleaner. The}.I will 3. Mix Muili-Purpnae Powdcrud Clemler fallow-ring

clean Hanna] spam and sums vary wal I. Do not use the dirccliunri an 1h: container label. U1EII1 nn wny] ur Iaalhcr.

_ _ 4. Us: suds nnl}.r and apply with a clean Spflngt. Here an: mmacleanlngnpa: ' _ . . 5. Don unturalq: Ihc malerlal. I Always read the msn'ncnans an the cleaner label. _ _ , IS. Dnn’l rub ll mughiy. C Clean up slams as 5mm as yun can -- ltlurc [hey .x-EL _ _ i". As man 115 you In: cleaned Ila: aecuun- us: a sponge 0 Use a glean clnfl? or sponge. and change In a clean ID ramnw: the suds. area nllcn. A seal: brush may be used 1f filull'u'. _ _ _ arc xiuhbnrn. H. RJnm: [he scc'llun wnh a clean. Wei sponge. ' Use solvent—Up: cleaners in a wu11-vcntilnlui uJ‘uu 1,1. Wipe niT “'hflt‘x LC“ With *1 slightly damp paper only. If you use IE'Inrn1 :Inn‘l Haturu'lu {he stuincLl area. towel Willfllh. I If a ring forms after 5pm cleaning than the main: H}. Than dry ll immediately With i' mm” ‘1'?”- area immediately or 1| will set. l1. Wipe with :1 J31%" 4:]nlh.


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