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ll' .Vu Sieurn Is Coming Frum ‘i’nur Engine

[f you get the overheat warning be! see or hear no steam. die problem may nor be too serious. Sometimes the engine can gel :1 little run but when grim:

I Climb a long hill on a hot day. 0 Strip al'ler hi gh-npeed driving. 0 lrlle for lung perindr. in trni'fie. I 'l'ow a Lrailer.

Il'yrni gel the m-‘erhenl warning with nun Sign of steam. try this for :1 minule err 50:

I. Turn all your air enndilinner.

2. Turn on your heater in l'ull hot at [he highest fun Sport] and open Ihr: winduw :15 nwexnary.

3. Il'yHU're in u traffic .lnrn. shill to NEUTRAL INJ: inhenvise. shill [D the higheel gr: ar while driving -- AUTOMATIC OVERDRIVE {595-1 nr THIRD l3}.

lf ynu no longer have in: overheat warning. you can drive. Jusl to he saith drive slower for about “U minutes. If the warning doesn’t come back 011. yen can

d1‘i in: manually.

[f the warning eemlnuea. pull over, 5le and park yeur 1u'ehiveli: right away.

li'there's still no Sign of steam. you can idle the engine I'ur lwu nr three minutes while ynu're parked, In nee ilthe warning 510px. But Ihen. if you slill have the warning. mm rjfl'lhe Engine and gel el'fljwne um affine rehirle until it euulndnwn.

You may decide not in lift the heed but In get HE With? help right nwny.

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