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Driving an finnw ur ICE

MUM nl‘ 1h: II'ITIL’, Ilium: plauufi where ymlr [lI'E'L mat Ihe road probably have good traction.

Huwevcr. ifihcru ix mow or ire heme-an your tire}: and the road. you can have :1 wry Hlippury siluuliun. You‘ll ham: :1 lui less lr'qctinn or“grip" and will nerd tr- he very careful.

What's Ill: Wurxl tin-n: I'm this? "Wu! ice." Very cold mmw :rrr ice can he slick and hard to drive un. But Wu! iL'c cull h: uvcn mun: lmuh1u I'm-cause i1 may nfi'er the Ina-LI traction nl'nll. You can get wet it: when it‘x about freezing (EFF: [1"CJ and {resting rain hcglns In full. Tr}- Iu avoid driving an wcL ice until «all and Sand cru'ws can gul Ilwrc.

Whatever 11m mndlliun -- smumh ice. packed. blowing “1' law.- Hlmw -— drivc wilh caulinn.

If you have traction rnmrnl. kcep lhe 53;!in ran. II: will improve your uhl lit]; Iu accelerate when driving on :1 slippery mud. Evcn though your vehicle hai :1 IriLL'llEII'I annual ays1urn.yuu'll wunl 1-3 slaw {luv-r. and adjuaL yuur driving [11 Il'lL' mud L'undillnm. Set: "Traction Cnnlrnl Sy-alem" in the Index.

If you don't hum: [he ll'IlL'llUll uuntml nylL‘lTl. ILL‘L'L'lL‘flllL‘ gently. Try nut IL: break 1l1u Fragile 1ruclitan. If you accelerate mu East. 111:: drive wheels will spin and polish the Hui-hire under the lire; even mnru.

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