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REVERSE {R}: Use this gear to hate}; up.


Shilling 'io REVERSE le while your vehiele is moving forward could damage your irons-axle. Shift to REVERSE i El only.r after your vehicle is


Shilling out of PARK IP} or NEUTRAL {Ni while your engine is “racing" {running at high speed} In

dungerous. Unless your foot is firmly,[ on the brake pedal. your vehicle could move very rapidly. You euuld Imie control and hit people or objects. Don’t shifl am of PARK {P} or

To rock your vehicle hook and limb in gel. flu: ul'muw, NEL‘TRAL lNl While your engine IS ran-mg.

'IL'L' or sand without damaging your [F‘dl’lléaxlt. sac

“Stuck: [11 Sand. Mud. lee- ur Snow“ in the Index. AUTOMA'I'IC [H’ERDRIVE poi}: Ii'ymll'ilulomutic NEUTRAL m: in mo: position. your engine doooi'i ”we“? he“ AUTOMATIC OVERDRWE [@i- “155 connect with the wheels. To mflm when 5w”: pmmonl is t'ol' normal driving. Ii you need mun‘: power already moving. Us: NELI'I‘RAL[Nit1nly.hlxu.u.~.o lor pap-5mg. and you‘re:

NEIJI'HAL ””11 when your vehiule is being [L'Wfld- -- fining lexH Ihzm 35 mph (51': kllli'l'l}. push your

urcelerolnr pedal about halfway down.

fining about 35 mph 15f: limfhi or more. push the neeeleralor all the way down.

You 'll filllll le'Wll to tilt: neat poor and have mun: power.


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