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To use the mlanl heater:

I . Turn off the engine.

. Open the l'lfllld and unwrap the electrical enrd.

3. Plug it inte a: llama]. gmunded liti—vult AC euliet.

Hugging the eerd into an. ungreunded outlet could cause an electrical shock. Also. the wrong kind nl'exlensiun turd eould urerheat and 1:3er

:1 fire. You muld be seriously injured. Plug the card into a properly grounded three-prong llU-mlt AC outlet. If the curd won‘t reach. use a heavy-duty three-11mm extensiun curd rated for at. least [5 amps.

4. After you've used Ihe emdunl healer. he Stiff.“ lu Mere the card are it was before tn keep it away i'rnm rnrwing engine parts. [i' ynu dun'l. it enuld be damaged.

How lung aheuld yeu keep the mutant heater plugged in? The answer depends en the uutside temperature. the kind ut‘ eil you have. and. scene other things. Instead of trying in list everything here. we as}: the! you contact your Buick. dealer in the area where ynu'll he parking your vehicle. The dezllerean give you the heart advice far that particular area.


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