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New Vehicle “Break-1n” Ignition Positions

With the ignition key in the ignition swilch. you can turn the switch tn tit-e timid-nus.


Yuur modern Buick doesn‘t need an elaborate “hurrah-win.“ But It will perterni better in the long run if you ann-w these guidelines:

I Don’t drive at any one speed -- fast or slew -- for the first 51H! miles {SIM ltrni. Don't run In: full-thmttle sta rL-a.

'- Amid making hard stuns fur the first 290 miles {311 km} or an. During this time your new brake linings art-1ft yet Ill‘lll'lllfl'l in. Hard slupti 1with new linings ran mean premature wear and earlier replacement. Fnllnw this breaking-in guideline ever}- tlme you get new bra lie linings.

I Don‘t tow a trailer during hren lt-ln. See ‘flhwlng a 'I‘rnjler" in the Index fnr more


ACCESSORY Mi: Pmitinn in which yuu can npemte your retain or windshield wipem. Press in the- ignition switch as ynu turn Lht." [up of it luward you.

LUCK (Bl: The nnly PtlfilllUIl in which you can remnant-re the key. Thin lUL'l'Eh yuur steering wheel. ignitinn :ind trunnuxlt;

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