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Your Remote Keylesn Entry System npemtes. on ii radio frequency subject to Federal Communications Commission ti-‘C‘CI Rolex.

This device complies with P311 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subjccl to the iiillowing two conditions:

I] iTiti: device may not cause harmful interference. and {El This device must accept any interference received.

including interference fl'ial may cause undesired operation.

Should interference to this; syntern occur. try this:

0 Check to determine if battery leplaeement is rummage See the instructions on battery repincemeitt.

9 Check the distance. You may he lit-n I'ar I'rnm your vehicle. This product has a maximum range.

0 Check the location. Elmer vehicleii uriihjecls mu)r he blocking the signal.

'I See your Buick dealer or a qualified technician for service.

Changes or modifications to this. Syl-i'lcl'l'l by other than an authorized service facility could void authorization to use this equipment.


The driver's dnnr will unlock and the ittteiior lamps will get on when UNLOCK is pressed. If pressed again wilhin live seconds. all doors will unlock. The interior lamps 1will go out ai'ter 40 second}; or when you turn on the ignition.

All doors. will loci: when DOOR is pressed.

Press the opened trunk symbol to unlock the trunk or wagon litigate. 'I‘lie trinmntle must he in PARK {P}. if you have the wagon. the ignition must also he OFF.

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