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II'1hI: he]: Kh‘lpfi hnl'un: i1 rcuuhut IhL' huuklc, llll LJH: lalL‘lJ plate and keep T:I1.:|l1'l1|_.T until you curl huckll: ll.

Pull up un the latch plan: In mul-cr: 5.1m: it is; nature.

ll'1hc bell is not lung enrmgh. wee "Hillary Belt LixchId-z'r" M the cud Ii1l'llllln arcliun. Mulch! Hill'e Ihe rclrusc Iwumm un 1h;- l'lLlClxlE' n imailimmd no yml wnutd 2. Push the lunch plan: into the huckl-c until I[ Cllukh. l-H; ahlc m ”Hm-LIL. ”1L. My...” m.“ quickly iI' ynuever hud In.

I Pick up the latch plate and pull the belt arm-an yml llnn'l Ict i1 gr: whim.

._____. ____—I-2‘J

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