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Part D: Recommended Fluids and Lubricants

NOTE: Fluids and iuhrieaan identified below by name.

pert numher or specification may be obtained from your GM dealer.


Engine Oil Engine oil with the American Feu-oleurn Institute Certified For Gasoline Engines ”'Starburttt“ symbol of the proper viscosity. To delen'nine the preferred viscosity for your vehicle‘s engine. see “Engine Oil“ in the Index.

5050 mixture of clean water [preferably dislilled} and GM Goodwronclim DEX—COOL "’ or nuumme‘t’ DEX-COOL '“ [orange—colored. silicate-free; antifreeze conforming to GM Specification SENM. See ”Engine Coolant" in the Index.

Engine Coolant

Coolant GM Part No. 3n34n21 or

Supplement equivalent with a complete finish Sealer and refill.

Hydraulic Brake Delco Supreme 113‘ Brake Fluid System (GM Part No. IUSZSJS or

equivalent DDT-3 brake fluid}.

Parking Brake Cable Guides

Chassis lubricant {UM Part No. IDSMS‘? or equivalent} or lubricant meeting requirements of

NLGI Grade 2. {Integer},r LB or GC- LB.

GM Power Steering Fluid {GM Part No. 1052834 - | pl.. 105001? - | qt.. nr equivalenll.

Anlomnlie DEXRGNQHI Automatic Tran settle Transmission Fluid.

Key Lnel-t Mulli-Pul‘g‘lfie Luhri cant. Cylinders Superluhe {GM Part No. |334624l or equivalenli.

Power Steering 5y stern

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