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GENERAL MOTORS. {3M and the UM Emblem. BUICK. the BUICK Emblem and the name CENTURY are registered trademarks Inf Genera] Melon: Corporation.

This manual includes the iatesl information til tile tune it was printed. We reset-ire the right in main: change»; in the prnduet ui'ter that time withnut further notice. Fur vehicles Iirst Sflld in Canada. substitute the name "Generai Mater.» :31‘ Canada Limiled" fnr Buick Meter Division whenever it appears; in this manual.

Please keep lllih' manual in your Buick. m il wiil be there if you ever need iI when you're on the mad. if you “it?” the vehicle. please leave this manual in it no "it: new owner can use it.

Litho in LLSJK. PM No. 25631999 B it First Edition

—‘i We 'iupl'iiJl'l voluntary technician certificatinn.

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Fnr Canadian Owners Whn Prefer a French Language Manual:

Aux propriétaires canadlens: Vnun [Hi-LIVE: WILLS pmcurei' ur: externpluire tit: er: guide en l'raneaii-i fhEZ 'i'ntre cortuesniunuire nu uu:

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lfiflii Ennhiii Rd. Mississauga. Unlarin L51" If?

'L'Cnpyi'ighl General Mntnrfi Curmratlm': 1995 All Rights Reserved

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