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Long Triprigh'uvuj- h-laintenance Schedule

15,000 Miles (25 000 km) .' 22.500 Miles (3? 500 km)

3 Change engine oil and filter tor every |__| Change engine oil and filter tor every l2 months. whichever occurs first}. 12 months. whichever occurs first}.

Au Etch-“Jinn Contmt' Service. An Emission C'unrml Sen-ire.

Ff- l.ubricate the parking brake cable guides. El Lubricate ”"13 parking _brake cahle guides. tlnderhodv contact points and linkage. lf "“me 5‘0an POE“? and hnkf'lgea It' equipped with grease fittings, lubricate the mumps? Wilh 31'3“} fittings. WHICH“? the suspension and steering linkage [or every SUSPEND" and 3‘3“""3 linkage (or “"333

IE months. whichever occurs first}.

Q Rotate tires. See “Tire Inspection and Rmation" in the Index for proper rotation pattern and additionai infomlation. During tire rotation. chm}; brake calipers for freedom of movement. Refer to the appropriate GM service manual for . roper caliper service - medues.

scrum. MtLr ace ssavlcsn av:

IE months. whichever occurs first}.


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