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Short 'I‘ripJ'ICit}l Maintenance Schedule

The services chum: in this schedule up to 1130.011} miles {166 000 km} should he performed after lflflflflfl miles {166 000 km} at the same intervals.


‘i’ The US. Enviromnental Protection Agency or the Califnmia Air Maureen Beard has detennincd that the faiiure tn perfmm this maintenance item will not nullify the cmissinn wan-ant}? or limit recall liahflitg.I print lo the enmpletinn of the vehicle’s useful life. We. however. urge that all recommended nminmnannc services be pct-fanned at the indicated intervals and III: maintenance he recanted.


3,000 Miles (5 000 km)

El Change engine oil and filter [or every 3 months, whichever accurs first). An Emission Comm! Service.


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