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Maintenance Schedule

Lung,- Tl'ipfl lighting. lleliniliun Lung 'l'rign'H ighu at} In [em lllh Follow this maintenance :tehedllll: enlv if none of the Every,r Tm Milli 112 500 km}: Engine Oil and Filter canditinns frflm the Shelf! Tfiprity Maintenance Change {or Every l2 munlhs. whichever occurs first]. Schedule is true. Chen-tin Lubrication {ttr every I2 months. whichever

_ . _ . _ occurs first . flnt‘tng n vehicle wan:- afitfly h'flflflfl'd engine made-r J

highway conditions muses engine all to break M 7'5““ Miles H2 50'] km} -- Then Every down slower. 15.00“ Miles {25 00!] km]: Tire Rntntinn.

Every 30,00“ Miles {50 EDI] km}: Exhaust Gas.- Ree'treulntiun IEGR} System lnspeutiun IlEL Cede 4 engine truly]. Air Cleaner Filter Replacement. Fuel Tank. Cap and Lines Inspection.

Every sum-It Miles {83 {NH} Itl't‘lj: Automatic Transalale Se rviee ten: ven: eunditin ny. only}.

Every 60.00“ Miles “.00 Ml} km]: Engine necessary Drive Belt Inspection.

Every lllllJlllll Miles 11 It’lt‘t {Hill ltntit Cooling System

Service tor every fill rnnmhs. whichever occurs first}. Spark Plug Wire Inspection. Spark Plug Replacement.

Flew tinted-twin rHlt'jt‘ .h'nntniurt'n' nnrfnlencnrt'e' .fi'e'rt'r't‘es'. 34* Run" mfnllmv the t-wnpnve nnn‘menmn'e schedule on .‘h‘e‘ firflun't‘ng pager.


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