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Maintenance Schedule

Short TriplCitv Definition Short Tripi'Cit‘i,r Intervals

Follow.r the Short TripiCitv Maintenance Schedule if any one of these conditions is true for your vehicle:

I Most uips are less than 5 to 10 miles (3 to If: knit. This is particularly important when outside temperatures are below freezing.

I Must trips include extensive idling [such as frequent driving in stop-nud—go traffic).

0 Most trips are through dusty areas.

0 You frequently.r now a trailer or use a earrier on top of your car. {With some models. you should never Low :1 trniIer. See “Towing 3 Trailer” in the Index.)

I [l' the vehicle is used for delivery service. police. taxi or other commercial applie slion.

{he ofrhe reasons you .rltoold'follow this schedule if you operate your vehicle tiul'n'lrzron}r offline Conditions is that these candin'ons were engine oil to break

down soonen

Every 3.000 Miles {5 {H10 km]: Engine Oil and. Filter Change {or 3 months. whichever occurs first).

Every l0,000 Miles {10 000 km}: Chassis Lubrication (or ti months. whichever occurs first}.

Al ll5,0‘lfl0‘ Mlles [10 000 km] -- Then Ever}r 12.000 Miles {20 000 km}: Tire Rotation.

Ever: ”.000 Miles {25 000 km]: Air Cleaner Filter Inspection. if driving in dust}r conditions.

Every 30.000 Miles {50 000 km]: Air Cleaner Filler Replacement, Fuel Tank, Cap and Lines inspection. Exhaust Ifins Recirculation [EGRII System Inspection [2.2L Code 4 engine only}.

Every 50,000 Miles [33 000 lam}: Automatic Transnxlc Service (severe conditions only}.

Every 60,000 Miles {100 000 km]: Engine Accessory Drive Belt Inspection.

Every 100,000 Miles {166 000 Inn]: Cooling System Service f or every 60 months. whichever occurs firsti. Spark Plug Wire Inspection. Spark Plug Replacement.

These iitien'ois only summarize maintenance .i'e'i‘i-‘it‘es. Be sure mfoilow rite complete maintenance schedule on file following pages.

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