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To rcphlue the bulb Front Tu rn and Parking Hulh andfur " r'lfificmhllv'i Sidemarher Bulb Replacement

E. Snupa t1eL\-'httlhtI1r-:t tht: wiring hitl'nERE-i mt]. Mum: hurt: the lm‘king {ah [B] is Later the Incl» EE'}

2. Install the huih assembly by pulling the “null tub ID!I in lht: HTl'ttH hutch in the retainer :1th (EL

.1. Turn the bulb uysemhiy HE: turn cluckmsu Iu [ULIL it in ptuce.

J. Rain: 1hr: hmd.


{men a screwdriver mm the luup oftllc spnttg. WItit‘it can. he men insct heltind1he hull: useuthy.


Pull the spring tn the rettr and stigtttiy tttwttrd lltE' ultlsitie tr1'the \-'E]‘.ttCII.I until the dL-Icnl rulumeb from the lunch in 1hr: hettttlmnp muunt'tng frame.

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