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Highway Hypnosis Hill and Mountain Roads

1:.- there actually :itlL'h .1 condition as "highway hyphens”? Or is itjuxt plain falling asiecp at the wheel? Call it highway i‘lj'pliublb, leek of awareness. er whatever.

There is Humming about an easy stretch at mad with the same scenery. along with Ihe hum of the tires m the mad. the drene of the engine. and the rush efth-e wind against the vehicle that can make you steeply. Don‘t Ittl it happen to you! if il does. your which: can leave the mud in less: than a .t'et'mrd. and you could crash and be injured.

What can yuu Eh) ubuut highway hypnosis? Firtl. he aware Eht'tl it can happen.

Then hen: art: tit‘rme tips:

tI Make sure yeur vehicle i'Ei well vemiluled. with :1 comfortably L'LHJI interior.

II Keep ytturcyan mtwiltg. Scan the road ahead and tn the sides. Cheek ynur marview min-tars and ynur instrumentx frequently.

Driving tt-I'l steep hiilh nr IlltFUI1lttlI|H lh different i'l'nm driving in Hal ur mlling terrain.

I lfgmu get sleepy. pull HIT tht: mad intt: a rest. wl'vict' nr parking area and take a nap. get stunt: exercise. 0r hath. Fm- Safety. treat drowsinesa 0n the highway 115 an emergent-3,:

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