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Freeway Driving

Mile fer mile, freeways; tttlsn eztlled thniwayw. pairkmtys. expressways. lili'l'lpikflh ur superhighway-s] are the sefewl of all rennin. But they have their nwn special miles.

The "305! impnrtunt advice on freeway driving is: Keep up with trul'l'ie end keep to the right. Drive at the same speed mm! M the trlher drivers are driving. Tran-lira! ur ten-slew driving breaks a emu-nth Irtll'fic flew. Treat the [el'l lune mi 11 Freeway :15 Ll passmg lune.

At the entrance. there ii-t usually :1 ramp that lead; 10 the freeway. lt' gnu htl'r't‘. u eleur View 111' the freeway :15 we dn've ulung [he entrunee rump? you hhuult‘j begin to eheek traffic. Try tn delermine when: yeu expeet to blend with the flew. Try to “write into the gap :tl einr-e ten the prevztfling weed. Switeh un _1..'U-t:ir turn signal. cheek ynur mirree‘. and glen we ever your #heulder Etfi utter: :is neeefisur}: Try ILi blend smoothly with the traffic flow.

Once you tire on the Freeway. .iiLlelhl yeurspeed tn the hinted limit IJI' In the prevailing rate if it's slower. Stay in the right lane unless-t ynu went In put-ts.

Refine ell-singing lanes. Check ynur I'llll'l't'lrfi. Then use yntn' turn aienrtl.

.FLM hefel'e we leave Ihe lane. glance quickly m-‘er 1mm-

sheulder in make sure there isn't ariinther vehiele in yfltrr “hl ind" Hflfll

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