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PIH'I'E'I' Seat Ifip’linm

The power .3021! controls mu: Incamd m1 th‘ ['mn: nr' me sum. 'I'D adjust [[11: [mwcr Hull: Frunl‘. Cflnlru] {F}: Rum: Ihu I'rnnl nf the Stu! hy

huiding [he xwitch up. HUM rhe. fiWilCh down [11 Jtmtr the from M the “2.11.

Center Cunlml 1C3: Mmu: the meal: {um-uni ur backward by holding Ihc mun-0| m ”11? right 01' left. Ruins: ur 1:}wer IiIE seat by holding the annual] up Ul' du'wr].

Rear {Illnlrul [R]: Ruin}: lhu rcur of lhl: .Hllal by holding rhsa swim]! up Hold lhe uwimh dun-n In Inwer the TL‘EIT nt" the: Hem.

Reclining Fl'nnl Healbm‘kfi

'I'hl: Wench l‘.\- lumlcd L‘m the anl [1-fII'IE mm. Tu- TL’L‘IiI'IL' 1hr. acatlnack. hold she Hwilch up. HcJJd lhu hwilch down Lu ruise lhc Heatbuck.

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