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Safety Belt Warning Light

When the ltey is turned to RUN or START a chime 1still come on for about eight seconds to remind people to Fasten their safety belts+ unless the driver's safety belt is already buckled.

The safety belt light will also come on and sLtty on For about. 20 seconds. then it will flash for about

5.5 seconds. If the dn'yer's hell is already buckled, neither the chime nor the light will come on.

If your satiety helt light ever comes on or stays on after the front doors are clotted and the driver ‘5

belt is buckled. hire your 1vehicle fixed.

If you don‘L the belt might not work as it should. and you might not have the protection you‘d IIEfl] in a crash.

Air Bag Readiness Light

There is on air bag readiness light on the instrument pancl. which shows AIR BAG. The system checks the air hag‘s electrical system for malfunctions. The light tells you if there is an electrical problem. The system check includes the air bag sensors. Ll'll: air hag module. the wiring and the diagnostic module. For more inl'om‘ttttion on the air bag system. see "Air Bag" in the Index.

You will see this light flash for a few seconds when you

turn your ignition to RUN

or START. Then the light AIR should go out. This means

BAG the system is ready.

If the air bag readiness light doesn‘t come on when you start your vehicle. or stays tin. or comes on when you are driving, your air bus; system may not work properly. Have your vehicle scWiced right“ away.


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