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Courtesy Lamps

When any door is opened. several lamps go on. They make it easy for you to enter and leave the ear. You can also turn these lamps on by rotating the interior lamp control to MAX.

The rear compartment lamp is uetivsled when lite deck lid lit opened.

Interior Lamp Delay

When you lift Iht: mitt-tide handle- of either front deJI 01' open either rear door. the lamps inside your Itehiele will go on. These lamps 1tvill fade out after aboul 40 seconds when Lhe ignition. is turned on and all doors have been closed. If the ignition was recently turned off. the lamps will fade out after four seconds. These lamps will aiso go on when you press the DOOR or UNLOCK button on the optional Remote Keyless Entry transmitter.

It' the ignition has been off for Let-ts than lwu minutes. the

lamps inside your vehicle wiii slay on For about

IS seconds after your key is removed to pnivide an iiluminated exil. When the interior lamps go out they will fade oul like .31 movie [heath-t.


Inside Mirror

Whflfl you are sitting in a comfortable driving position, adjust the mirror so you can. see clearly behind your ear.

Moving the day might adjustment at the bottom of the mirror allows you to ehsnge the trait-tor to avoid glare from the lights behind you.


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