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Daytime Running Lamps [Canada Only}

Daytime Running Lamps {DRLt can make it easier for ethers it: see the [met tifytiur vehicle during The day. DRL can be helpful in many different driving exit-inditiurm1 but the},r can be especially helpful in the short periods after dawn anti before sunset. Several etiutitritze, inelutling Canada, require DE]...

A lighl xenxtir tin trip of the instrument panel makes-t the DRL went. so be sure it isn't covered.

The high and leewheem headlamps will come tilt. at reduced brightness in daylight when:

i The ignition is on. o The headlamp Hwileh ii: eff. and

I The triumitxle is net iit PARK 1?] er NEUTRAL lNi.

When the DRL tire elt.enl1v your high and Itiw-heum huttdlunlph will be en. The lilillflmph. videmtirher and Dlher lamp}; won'T he tin. ‘r'LiLtr inxlrumenl panel won't be lit up either.

1When it's dark eneugh LFLJISldE. your lnw-hcflnt headlamps will come em at full hrighmese. The ether lamps that were en with yeur heutilumps Will Jill-it] enme- 1111. When il‘s bright enuugh eulsitie the regular lamps will gt] tiff. and yuur high until lIJw—betlrn headlamps will change to the reduced hrightnees til the DRL.

'l‘e idle your vehicle with the DRL eff. put the veliieie in PARK [Pl tir NEUTRAL [Ni while Hie: ignition is in he |CiFF er LOCK position. Then start the vehicle. The URL will may tiff until j-‘Dli shift net of PARK [Pi ur NEUTRAL (hit. As with any vehicle yen sheuid turn on the regular headlamp system when yuu need it.

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