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Battery Rundown Protection

‘t‘onr Buick is equipped with a Battery Rundown Protection feature designed to protect your vehicle‘s battery.

When any interior Ilil'l'lp (tru nli. reading. footweli. vanity mirror. or glove box I is left on and the ignition is turned OFF. the Battery Rundown Protection system will automatically turn the lamp off alter 2o minutes. This will avoid draining the battery. This system does not protect against leaving on lite headlamps.

To reactivate the interior lamps. either: I The ignition must be turned on.

o The activated Illl'fl'p switch must he tamed off then on. OR

I A front door must he opened.

The Battery Rundown Protection feature will also be activated when any door is left open.

If your vehicle is left with the ignition off for over

24 days. the battery power to the clock. audio system and Remote Keyiess Entry System (if you have this option} will turn. GIT to reduce battery drain. When the ignition is turned on again. battery power will he reauppiied. Under these conditions it will be necessary to reset clock and audio system settings.

Headlamp 01] Warning

If the headlamp switch is lef L on you'll hear a warning ehirne when you rum the ignition off and open the driver‘s door.

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