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Passing Anuther Vehicle While Using To Get Out of Cruise Control

cm!“ Cuntrul There are two ways to turn off the cruise salami:

Us: the accelerator pedsi In increase your speed. When . Step lighliy an the brake pedal, UR ynu take your 1' out nff the pedal, your vehicle will slaw down to the cruise control speed you set earlier,

Using Cruise Cuntml on Hills

How well your amiss: enamel 1will work on hills dcpemis upon your spec-IL lead, and the steepness of the hills. When gning up steep hills, you may have to step on the accelerator pedal to maintain yuur speed. When going downhiii. you may have to [mine or shift to a Iuwer gear to keep yuur speed down. (if course,applyu1g the brake takes you out of cruise eunuul. Many drivers find this ID be ten much trouble and don't use cruise control on steep hills.

I Move the cmise switch to OFF.

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