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Here's the second way to go In a higher speed: To Reduce Speed While Using Cruise Control

There are two ways to reduce: your speed while using cruise control:

lus. —I'

’q 19' “‘9' unfit i#.'H--"il:¢ I. . . ' _


I Move the cruise switch from UN to RESIACC. Hold it there unrii you get up to [he speed yuu wanl. and III-3n mlcas: the switch.

' TD inchease Fm" Spam 5" "ch small amnunt-s. "'0‘": I Push in the hullun at IJ'lE: end of the lever unLil yuu flu:- swflch to RESIACC fur 1:39 than half a second reach the Inwfl sired you want.1h:n release 1L am] than. rclease it. Each time ynu do this. your

vehicle will go about I mph (1.6 kmfhj faster. ' T” 910‘” dDW“ 1“ “W san] “W“"tfi- yuan ”13

button for less 'Ihan half a second. Each time you do this. you‘ll go 1 mph {Lb kn'u'h] SID‘WBI'.


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