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To Resume a Set Speed

Suppuee you set your cruise centre! :11 a desired speed and then you apply the bmke. 111m of eeurse. shuts eff the cruise euntmt. But you don‘t need to meet it Clnee you're going about 25 mph {49 ltmfhl or mere. you can move the cruise central sWiteh frern (W In RESIACC for about he]! a seccmd. You'll gt} right back up to your Chum speed and stat].r there.

Remember, if you held the switch It RESMCC longer than half :1 second, the vehicle 1will keep going faster until you release the switch er apply the brake. You


could he startled and even leee central. So unless you want to go faster. don’t hold the switch at RESMCC,

To Increase Span-d While Using Cntise Central

There are we ways to gt: to a higher speetL Here's the first:

I. Use the accelerator pedal to get In Irise higher speed.



l' 7'5“" 'l' L-.'r'.'.—:I-ie-.1---<. I I I -

2. Push the button at Ihe end of the lever. then release the button am] the accelerator Fade]. You'll new cruise at the higher speed+

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