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Windshield Wipers Low Speed Delay Wipers (Option)

You can set the Wiper speed fer a long at short delayr between wipes. This can he 11'ny useful in light rain at saew. Move the lever to DELAY then turn the hand to cheese the ame-unt efdelny.

Remember mat damaged wiper blades may prevent you from seeing well enough in a storm In drive safely. To avoid damage, he sure to clear ice and snow from the wiper blades before using them. If they're frozen to the windshield1 cemfully Inosen er thaw them. if your blades heeeme damaged, get new blades er blade inserts.

Heavf,r snow er lee can everlead your wipers. A circuit breaker will step them until the meter cools. Clea: away sue-w er tee to prevent an evetlua-d.

Yen eenlml the windshield wipers by moving the lever marked WIPER.

For a single striping cycle. move the lever down to MIST. Hold it dawn until the Wipm start. then let gel. The wipers 1will step after tine cycle. If you want mm: cycles. held the lever dewn to MIST longer.

Fer steady wiping at lea.r speed. move the lever to the LOW position. For high speed wiping, move the lever fmthet up to HIGH. Te step the wipers, Ineve the lever to OFF.


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