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'Ihm Signal 0n Chime

A chime will sound if your turn signal is left on after having, gone Wee-quarters of a mile, to remind you to turn your signal diff.

Headlamp High-Low Beam

To change the headlamps from Ionr beam to high or high ll‘l luw. pull U11: turn signal iever all the way

toward you. Then release it.

When the high beams one on, [his blur: light on the

instrument panel also will he on.

Flash-TuaPass Feature [Except Canada]

This feature lets you use your high beam headlamps to signs] a driver in front of you that you wont to pass. ll works even if your headlamps are oil.

To use it. pull the turn signalfmult'tfunction beam lever toward you a little {but not so far that you hear 3 eliek].

[f you headlamps are off. your high beam headlamps will turn on. They'll stay on as long as you hold the lever there. Release the lever to turn them off.

If your headlamps are on. hut on low beam. the s} stem works normally. Just pull the lever until it clicks. Your headlamps will shift to high beam and sis}r there. To return to low heamjust pull the lever toward you.


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