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Paw-er Windows (013 flan) [lie Winduw-Will 5“: all thf: way down. Tn slap a puwer WII'ILlOW while I! IS lowermg. press and release the

switch. 'l'n raim: a power window, [amiss and huh} 1h: cunnnl for that window.

You may also ham: :1 lmkuul switch. Push LOCK LU

disable me passenger puwer window switches. This will prevent passengem from opening and closing windows. The driver can still control all windows IwiLh [111: switch in [he lacked pusifiun. Push the left side ufthc switch to

unlock the window switches.


Tu sound the horn, press the born 53' mb-ul an :11: steering whcel.

If your car has this option. d1: cuanl; are near each window. Your dri 'r't‘lJE window has u.n autu— dawn iii-alum. Quickly prunes and “11:35:: Lhc AUTO switch and [lit driw'cr'b winduw will upun :1 small amuunl. [l'lhr AUTO switch is pressed 111:" mu": than :1. law Hccnnds,


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