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Torque Lock

If you are parking on a hill and you don't shift your transaxle into PARK tP} properly, the weight of the vehicle may put too much force on the parking pawl in the transaxle. You may find it difficult to pull the shift lever out of PARK [P]. This is called “torque loelt."Tn prevent torque lock. set the parking brake and then shift into PA HE {P} properly before you leave the chi ver's seat. Tn find out how. sec “Shifting Into PARK tP‘t" in the Index.

When you are ready to drive, move the shift lever out of PARK {P} before you release the parking brake.

If "torque loc it" does occur. you may need to have another vehicle push yours a little uphill to take some of the pressure from the uansaxlc. so you can pull the shift lever out of PARK (Pl.

Shifting Out of PARK {P}

1t'our Buick has a brake- trartsuitle shill interlock. You have to fully apply your regular brakes before you can shift from PARK {Pl when the ignition is in the RUN position. See “Automatic Transaxle“ in the Index.

If you cannot shift out of PARK (Pl. ease pressure on

the shift lever -- push the shift lever all the way into PARK {P} and also release the shift lever button on floor shift models as you maintain brake application. Then move the shift lever into the gear you want. {Press the shift lever button before moving the shift lever.] ll‘ you ever hold the brake pedal down but still can’t shift out of PARK tP‘J. Lt)r this:

1. Turn the key to me OFF position. not to LOCK.

2. Apply and hold the regular brake until the end of Step 4.

3. Shift to NEUTRAL {N}.

4. Start The vehicle and then shift to the drive gear you want.

5. Have the vehicle fixed as soon as you can.


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