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FIRST (1 t tJ-Speecl 'I‘ransaxle Only]: This rim-filinn gives, you even more power {but lower fuel economy] than SEEDND :23. You can use it on very steep hiiiri. or in deep snow or mud. [f 1.116 shift lever is put. in FIRST ii), the Iranaaxie won't shift into firsL gear unLil the 1which: is going slowly enough.


If your front wheels can‘t rotate. don’t tryr to drive. This might happen it you were Stuck In very deep sand or mud or were up against. a solid object. You could damage your trans-aside.

Also. if you stop when going uphill, don’t hold your vehlele there with only the accelerator pedal. This could overheat and damage the transaxle. Use your brakes to hold your vehicle in pmition on :1 hill.

Parking Brake

To set the parking brake. hold the regular brake pedal

down with your right i'n-ni. Push down the parking, brake pedal with your lei L foot. If the ignition is on. the brake system waming

light will come on.

The parking brake uses the brakes-i on [he rear wheels.


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