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AUTOMATIC UVERDRl‘i-FE ((13): If your automatic usesexle has automatic overdrive, this position is for normal driving. If you need more power for passing, and you're:

I Going let-ix than 35 mph {55 tooth}. push your accelerator pedal about halfway down.

C Going about: 35 mph {55 trails} or more. push the accelerator all the way doesn't.

You'll shift down to the next gear and have more power.

THIRD {D}: If your automatic transaxie does not have OVERDRIVE {@J, this position is for normal tiliying1 at all speeds. in most street and highway situations.

Here are some times you might choose THIRD {D} insteati of OVERDRJVE [@J:

C When driving on hilly, winding roads

I When towing a trailer, an there is iesti shifting between gears

I Vflten going down a steep hiii


SECOND [2.]: This position gives you more power but lower fuei economy. You can use SECOND {2} on hiiltt. It can help controi your speed as you go down sleep

mountain roads. but then you would also want to use your brakes off and on.


Don’t dt'i't'l! in SECOND {2] for more than 5 miles [E lint}, or at speeds over 55 mph

{33 hflflfl. or you can damage your trnnstotie. Use THIRD {3} (OVERDRIVE {EPA} or THIRD [3]

if your vehicle has Overdrive} as much as possible.

Don‘t shift into SECOND [2} unletot you an;- gluing slower than 65 mph [105 kmilt}, or you can damage your engine.

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