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Ensure the Shift lever is fully in PARK (P) range before starting the engine. ‘t’ow Buick has a hrake—nnnsexle shift interlock. You have to full}.r appb' your regular brakes before you can shift from PARK {P} when the ignition he}r is in The RUN position. It' you cannot shift out of PARK tPJ, eaue pressure on the shiit lever -- push the shift lever all the way into PARK [Pi and also releaee the sluft lever button on floor shift conunlt‘; models -- as you maintain brake application. Then move the shift lever into the gear you wish. [Press the shift lever button before moving the shift lever on floor shift console models.) See "Shifting Out of PARK [P]" in this section.

REVERSE (B): Live this gear to beelt up.

NOTICE: Shifting to REVERSE {R} while your vehicle is

moving forward enrultl damage your transaxle. Shift In REVERSE {R} only after your vehicle is


To rock your vehicle back and forth to get out of snow. ice or send without damaging your uansaxle. see "If You‘re Stuck: In Sand, Mud. lee or Snow” in the Index,

NEUTRAL {N}: In this position your engine doesn’t connect with the wheels. To restart when you‘re already moving. use NEUTRAL t'Nl only. Also. use NEUTRAL (NJ when your vehicle is being towed.

NOTICE: Damage to your tramaxle caused Irv shifting (ml

of PARK [Pl or NEUTRAL [N] with the engine racing isn'i covered by your warren“.

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